Score Hero

Score Hero apk is a football game worth playing for those who love to score. This is a soccer game with sharp 3D graphics to bring the experience of rolling on the pitch very real for players. The game possesses 660 challenging levels, a variety of item systems to customize costumes and appearance for the character and some other very attractive features.

Passing, kicking, and scoring is the three main skills a player needs if he wants to quickly make himself a star in Score Hero. Compared to the famous football game today like FIFA 16, Score Hero owns a completely different gameplay. It has a unique color that makes the player feel satisfied. Instead of 90-minute matches, in this game, players only compete in crucial moments and the goal is to score goals against the opponent. No time to "die", not tired of pursuing the ball continuously, instead what you need to do is focus on tactics and skills to put the ball into the net.




- 游戏让你在660具有挑战性的水平。

- 不同类型的任务,例如进球赢得奖品和战利品,改变会所,改变国籍的球员.....

- 一个地方,你可以自由地展示自己的技能,并建立自己的战术。

- 通过简单的游戏方便玩家控制与灵活的控制球让玩家可以享受绝对伟大的时刻。

- 三维图形逼真的效果非常漂亮。

- 与各种物品的定制的人物包括在内。

- 连接到Facebook的挑战以及与朋友和朋友的招待。

- 登录在排行榜上的排名兑现的比赛中,有许多强大的橱柜的位置竞争。

- 同步与谷歌玩Cloud帐户的游戏进度。

- 动人的故事图表你的整个职业生涯作为球员,和更多!

- 该游戏是免费玩,但额外的内容和游戏内物品可以购买真钱,所以玩家应该知道这个问题的。

- 该应用程序包含第三方广告。如果你从商店购买游戏中的货币不请自来的广告将被禁用。