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AcheiUSA is an application that provides a full range of utilities such as radio, news, dating, and free classifieds. With this application, users can comfortably enjoy interesting things from life. Besides capturing a lot of meaningful information, this is also a place where users can share life stories with a completely new friend. Especially here you can also buy or sell different products and do not spend much time and money.

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This is an application that many people choose to download because of its attractive features. Bringing many functions in one application, AcheiUSA has brought comfort and attractiveness so that users can update information easily and quickly in many different forms. In your spare time of the day and you don’t know what you need to do, visit the app to listen to the radio with melodious tunes, updates or you can even make friends with many different friends in many places.


AcheiUSA offers users a fresh and beautiful interface that impresses users from the first time. Besides, it also brings many other interesting features such as:

- Radio AcheiUSA: Here you will be provided with information such as news programs, news, categories, entertainment programs (music, reading stories, radio games …) through the listen to the radio. You will be able to know all the information is happening by listening live.

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- AcheiUSA News: You will be fully updated with all the news from inside the country to the world. The news of migration, art, and culture, the Social Column … All will be wrapped up in AcheiUSA. No need to waste time searching for information, you can own all the important information right at your fingertips.

- Dating site: This will also be a place where you can meet and date with many different friends in many different countries. You will no longer be bored and wasting your free time. Here you will find yourself a lot busier in exploring as well as finding yourself new friends, even they will be your soulmate.

- Free classifieds: You can post the information you need to buy and sell products at no cost to you. All are completely free. Besides, you will also find many new and interesting things here.

How to use

After downloading the application, you can use it immediately. Touch the screen icon and start exciting and new discoveries that not all applications bring. Surely you will spend a lot of your time on AcheiUSA.

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