Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

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Avast Mobile Security Pro APK is antivirus software for Android devices, to enhance the security of your phone and prevent your personal information from being stolen. This software has a free version and an upgrade, the free version will also give you the most basic protection for the device.

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Avast Mobile Security Pro APK can lock your phone, track your phone via the web, remotely erase data to protect your data from theft, firewalls, and many other features. Apps for Android scan and secures against infected files, unwanted privacy scams, malware, spyware and malicious viruses like trojans.

It helps keep your phones and tablets safe with top-rated free mobile security apps, which include both antivirus and Wi-Fi vulnerabilities.

Antivirus tool: Virus and malware scanners automatically scan infected applications, Trojans, and new applications to ensure safety when used for the first time. Includes file and web scans for complete mobile device protection and also protects against spyware and avg viruses.

AppLock: Help you ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive content by locking any application with a PIN or contact signal, which you can lock so that children or others cannot view it.

Call Blocker: Call blocker gives you full control to protect your privacy, block numbers from people you don’t want to contact, add phone numbers to your blacklist.

Clean Junk: you can clean up unnecessary data, store files, leftover documents, thumbnails of libraries and unwanted files, and increase free space in your device.

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Web Shield: The app scans and blocks links that are infected with malware, as well as trojans, adware, and spyware (for private and secure browsing), and even USSD numbers (potentially erasing your device memory).

Wifi Security: The application protects you from others hacking your WiFi password or connecting to the internet. Many users of your wifi will make it slower, so this will help you to be used alone and not be slow.

Geographic fence: Your device will perform specified actions (for example, locking, activating an alarm, sending a location) when outside a set number of perimeters.

Remote identification: You can take photos of a thief when they try to unlock the device using the front or back camera, with face recognition. This will help you find the device and can alert the police or post his image on social networking sites for people to be alert.

Password check: The application will automatically lock after 3 unsuccessful attempts. This will prevent you from being retrieved by other people.

Remote data recovery: The application helps to retrieve data remotely from the phone.

Ad detector: helps you detect ads and provides full details about their tracking system.

Backup feature: Allows you to backup audio, video, applications.

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Avast Mobile Security Pro APK is easy to use. Just download and install it will help your antivirus for Android devices, to enhance the security of your phone, and prevent your personal information from being stolen. As an extremely effective application, it will help you to protect your device well, which you should use and recommend to your friends to use.

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