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Peggo APK allows you to export mp3 files from YouTube and Soundcloud easily and can access these files offline. Thanks to this application, saving the sound from Youtube and SoundCloud is not as difficult as before and when you turn off the screen or open other applications, it will not be stopped like youtube. Because of its usefulness, there are currently a large number of users.

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Peggo is a free application that records audio files from YouTube and Soundcloud, which can then be saved to the device and accessed offline, you can listen anywhere, anytime, it’s a convenient profit.

This application has a very good interface and easy to use a useful search bar function. The videos are easily searched and easily converted with high quality. Just paste the URL into the application, Peggo converts the audio into a .mp3 file almost instantly, supporting everything from music to podcasts. MP3 file quality is guaranteed to be the best, if the audio quality of the video is 256 kbps, the quality of the MP3 file will also be kept at 256 kbps.

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You can download audio at YouTube’s highest quality settings and also choose to convert specific sections of any specific video or audio file. Peggo normalizes volume and eliminates silence during transitions, automatically downloading album art and artist information to your device.

In this application, the output of your mp3 file can be changed, if you do not like the walking music, or you like a certain piece of music and just want to export it to listen to again, the application will help you do that. You can create mop files that are truncated shorter than the music on YouTube or SoundCloud, which can be played with any music player you like.

For videos you watch on YouTube or SoundCloud when you turn off the screen or you exit into another application, the video will stop, but this app will help you solve that problem. You can still listen to music, not dependent on the app like other apps.

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This app is not available on Google Play, so you’ll need to download the APK installation file from other websites, which you can download here so you don’t waste time searching and making sure the file is correct.

How to play

Peggo APK is used to download mp3 audio easily and quickly, with only two simple ways as follows:

The first way is to enter the URL you want to download directly

The second way is to search by artist’s name, song, or album. In this second case, you only have to follow these instructions:

Step 1: Enter a search term, be it singer, band, album, song … in the search box. You will then be redirected to a result on YouTube (or SoundCloud) that matches your search.

Step 2: Select the video you want to extract the audio from.

Step 3: Select the Audio recording option and click the green button labeled MP3 Recorder.

Step 6: You then have the downloaded audio file.