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Grindr APK is a social networking application for homosexuals. If you’re gay, you’re looking for an app to chat with, meet people like you, so you don’t feel lonely and out of control, this app is a great choice for you. . Here you can text, call, send photos …, share with each other the joys and sorrows in life that in real life you do not know who to share with.

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Grindr APK app connects gays in huge numbers, from around the world. Currently, the gay community is numerous, they have been accepted and animated like others. The demand for communication and their connection is also high, so they can increasingly improve themselves and for those who do not receive the support of everyone around, they can share this at this application. . People like them will comfort and help them, giving them helpful advice so they can live happily, to persuade those around them to support them.

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The app is fast connected and has lots of interesting features, pleasing user needs. Here you can text, call, share photos, videos, location, …

You can create a profile to chat with these friends, they can find your profile and send friend requests. Choose a picture to represent your account so people can easily identify it, add information about your birthday, gender, interests so you can connect with people who share your interests, making the conversation interesting. more taste.

You can share your location to search for nearby people when you talk and see each other outside.

You can join a group chat with many people or chat with another person. Group chats help you make more friends, gain more knowledge and stories through the sharing of the rest. Having a private conversation with one person will make your relationship better, the more you will become closer to each other, there are things that cannot be shared with the group of people, the easier you talk to each other.

Chat, share photos privately or share videos, document files … all you want. You can share multiple photos at the same time, photos sent to HD quality.

You can mark your favorite stars, or block people you don’t want to talk to. Doing this will help you get closer and at the same time avoid being bothered by people you don’t want.

Reporting people is easy and safe, for example, if you feel that the object you are talking to is not right, maybe a nick hack, you can report …

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This application is also risky, it is uncontrollable real or virtual. As a large social network, there will certainly be good people and bad people without your knowledge. You need to be alert to not be taken advantage of by scammers.

How to play

Grindr APK downloads and installs easily. After successful installation, open the application browser and register a member account. Then add more information about yourself and make friends with the people in it. You can send friend requests to anyone, inbox talk to them.

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