Download LED TV APK

Led TV APK is a completely free video streaming and editing application. The app provides a lot of editing tools including collage, change quality, add audio, add text, filter … and many other options, turn individual photos into a short video. spectacular. If you want to create quality videos or want to upload an application without copyright infringement … you can edit it through this application. The video you create can be shared with friends or saved to your computer, how to edit videos is very simple with many beautiful effects.

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Led TV APK helps you edit videos very effectively, quickly with just a few simple steps. There are many customizations for you to edit videos. You can collage create video editing, add images or sound, the music of different movies, or other videos. Change video quality for better quality video. Add texts with different corrected fonts, be it romantic texts, funny texts, depending on your intended use. You can create funny videos, emotional videos, … all you want.

The application provides quite a lot of themes (themes), sounds to enhance the video experience, along with cartoon images … to help you have more ideas to create. Using and editing are relatively simple, all you need to do is cut and select the appropriate topic.

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After creating videos you can save to watch or share on social networks or for commercial purposes … Share your products for friends to enjoy, and you will also feel happier.

If you are not satisfied with your edited video, you can open it for editing. Repeated editing of the video will make your video better and more attractive.

Nice interface, user-friendly, makes it easy to get tools and edit. If you are new, just learn a little bit and you can know how to use the tools and remember their location.

You can create an account to save the video that has been created or not done, the next time you open it to continue editing.

The application is easy to download and install on your mobile phone, you can download the application here so as not to waste time searching for or downloading the bugs or non-applications. Our website shares the standard version, without any modification.

The application is completely free, you download, install and use it to edit a series of videos without having to pay any money.

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This application can be used by a lot of people, as long as you spend a lot of time, ideas, and efforts, you will definitely have special videos. Currently, this application has been chosen by many users, because of its features and benefits.
This application is very safe, does not cause damage to your device, you do not have to worry about data theft.

How to play

Led TV APK is easy to edit, you need to get an idea of ​​what to do and cut and choose the right theme. The app will definitely help you create lots of beautiful videos that make you happy. You can share this app with other friends for the same experience. Also on our website, there are many other interesting applications, you can learn and download to use.