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Utorrent Pro APK

Utorrent Pro APK

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Utorrent Pro APK is a P2P peer-to-peer downloading software for Android devices quickly. It allows users (one or more) to connect and share a certain data file (music, movies, other software data …). Therefore, it is extremely useful in sharing and transferring large documents and data. The app is low-capacity, takes up little of the device’s resources, and works stably on most Android devices.

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Utorrent Pro helps you watch movies and songs online with a fast download speed. You can download to watch when there is no internet connection, there is an automatic mode to turn off when the download is finished to save battery.

User-friendly interface: the application has a simple and neat design, allowing you to directly access the huge content repository, easily search and download any file you want. You can pause and restart the download at any time without interruption.

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Downloading a high-quality movie at a large capacity can cost a lot of network data. If your mobile data is limited, make sure the Wifi-only network feature is turned on, you can check this by visiting Settings. The app even allows users to customize the maximum download and upload speed, which is useful if you are using another application that requires a stable internet speed and doesn’t want to download the application that affects the experience.

Customize the directory where your file is saved. Easy access to Media folders on the device. The application also integrates Media Player with many interesting features, good enough for you to experience movies and songs with the best quality.

This application has a relatively low capacity, takes up a little of device capacity, and works stably on most Android devices, including low-end devices so you absolutely feel secure when using this application. with any device.

You can install the language you know, this application supports rich languages ​​in many different countries around the world.

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The app is free, however, if you want to explore the advanced features in this app, or simply don’t want to be bothered by ads, you should choose µTorrent® Pro, which is available on Play Store for $ 1.99, one-time purchase and lifetime use.

How to use

Utorrent Pro APK is easy to download and install. After a successful installation and full grant for the application, click the search icon in the middle or right corner of the screen and search for your favorite movie or song to download. The application will automatically open a web browser and suggest you torrent-enabled websites. Some websites do not support downloading at all, at this point you should move to the next website.

Click the download torrent button when you find the link for the movie or song. The window of Utorrent Pro APK will automatically open and the download process will begin, if you know a website with many interesting movies and support for downloading torrents, you can go directly to that website in the browser. web browser, click the download link, and choose to open with Utorrent Pro APK