Mystera Legacy APK

Mystera Legacy APK

Mystera Legacy APK

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Mystera Legacy APK is an extremely attractive adventure game. You will control a small character across the terrain, destroy enemies, build your own house, and shop to conquer this game.


Mystera Legacy APK will take you to vast terrains, there are many enemies, many animals that you can kill for meat.

Play with friends or against the machine, fight monsters, and explore rare loot.

Mystera Legacy 1

You can gather resources and build your own house or create a tribal base; Create and upgrade all skills and abilities without class restrictions; Survive on the land, hunt and create fire as a game of survival. Search for others in PvP areas, participate in tribal battles or plan a robbery, and kill animals for meat, in order to build upgrades. Build farms, raise animals and plants to give you and your friends the food you need. Move around to discover endless dungeons for roguelike experience, discover unique equipment with runes and upgrade them, pick up bosses and find special abilities. Open the world with both heroes and villains, use the pet dog Tame to protect your home, and fight you. You can change the appearance of the character at any time, the items you get will help your character have a more beautiful appearance.

Mystera Legacy 2

Enemies and animals can also destroy you so you need to be careful with them.

The status of your health and the enemies is reflected through the HP bar on the character’s head, when you are attacked by an enemy, this bar will decrease until the end means your character has lost his life and vice versa. The same with your enemies.

The game has many levels, each level has different levels of difficulty and various items and enemies. You need to perfect your character to pass all levels.

The game is completely free, so there are some ads when you play, you just need to wait a few seconds for it to run and you can turn it off.

Mystera Legacy 3

Beautiful interface, vivid sound, many vivid scenes along with flexible reactions, and the ability of the character will give players a sense of fun. This game is suitable for all subjects, even children can easily play this game.
You can save the results and share them with others via social networks.

How to play

Mystera Legacy APK has very simple gameplay, using a combination of many characters:

Hold the Directional Pad to move around; To read signs go face them and press the Action button; Swing your fist or weapon with the Action button; Touch enemies to target them and move near to fight; Move on top of loot and press Pickup button to place it in your inventory; To use an item select it in your inventory and press Use button; Tap chat field to talk locally. Press the chat icon to switch to global chat.

This game has a lot of interesting things for you to explore and it will give you very effective relaxation moments. Wish you will pass the level and conquer this game.

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