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Garfield Rush is an endless running action game for mobile, in which the player plays the cat Garfield or his friends, when running, Garfield Rush players can collect gold coins while avoiding. Obstacles such as vehicles and other objects appear suddenly.

In Garfield Rush game, you will meet the cat in the famous animated movie Garfield and friends like Odie or Nermal. Intending to enjoy the delicious food from the front door, the naughty black cat Harry suddenly appeared and stole breakfast in his hand, the Garfield cat began the chase to get back the food and taught Harry a lesson.

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Most people are familiar with Garfield, a lazy orange cat who likes lasagna and lies throughout the day. That’s why the idea of making an endless running game with Garfield as a runner seems a bit silly. However, this game is quite good and successfully accomplishes the intended goal, which is fun and fun for children.

So why would Garfield run in the first place? The reason is food, of course. At the start of the game, Garfield was ready to enjoy his snack, when a crafty black cat named Harry ran past him and took his breakfast. Without time to think carefully, Garfield hit the road and chased him.

Garfield Rush 2

If you have ever played any of this type of game, you will know what to expect. There are three lanes with obstacles and the main character has to go through as much as possible, collecting coins and tokens for food, new characters, better equipment, and new outfits.

The game itself has nothing we’ve seen before, except for the great feeling that the runner is the most impossible character of all time. There are several types of obstacles, some of them can only be avoided, some can be skipped and some can slip. There are even trucks with Garfield sand that can jump up and use them as a shortcut. As you pass the game, the number of obstacles will increase, as does the speed of the game, so that it can become harder than expected.

If the ideal Garfield runs too far for you, you can unlock two more characters to play with, Oddie and Nermal, both stronger than the original characters. Except for new characters, you can unlock new outfits for all three athletes.

Garfield Rush 3

In the game Garfield Rush, players need to avoid collisions with vehicles and other obstacles along the way and also need to jump over vehicles such as shortcuts to chase Harry. You can also collect many different useful items like coins, scores, elastic shoes, jetpack jet engines, magnets, and booster packs. These items make your journey a lot easier and more interesting. By swapping quickly as the speed increases, more coins and scores can be earned.

Garfield Rush offers 18 different outfits that you can unlock through in-app purchases. In addition, gamers will collect many other free items during the game. After endless chases, players and their characters can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes like lasagna noodles, spaghetti, Neapolitan pizza, hot dogs, burritos, fried chicken, and more.

Overall, Garfield Rush is a simple and fun game with some free elements to play. Garfield fans will be amazed to see how their favorite characters actually run a few steps.

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