Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile game is a complete upgrade from Black Desert PC in both the map and game content. Developed by advanced graphics technology that breaks the boundaries of previously used mobile gaming graphics, the game has brought an engaging, engaging action world. Especially with the fighting style based on skill and update speed, outstanding development, it is not surprising that this game is ranked in the blockbuster game, successfully breaking fastidious markets like Korea. Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Download Kingdom Hearts 3 apk for android here.

Black Desert Mobile impresses from the intriguing and insightful plot content. Fantasy elements, the story of the game revolves around a huge source of power is said to have destroyed the minds of the ancients and caused the collapse of many great civilizations. You will explore these war-torn lands in search of answers, unravel hidden secrets.

The game possesses an incredible graphics platform that few mobile games can match, accompanied by a high-speed ARPG fighting style and a variety of character skill systems similar to the version. on the PC. Therefore, just a few days after its launch, immediately attracted the attention of a large number of players in Korea and around the world.

Unique to Black Desert Mobile is in the diverse character creation system of 5 character classes including Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch and Valkyrie. The gameplay of Black Desert Mobile is designed with the most basic elements of the MMORPG series, with a top-down perspective and a flexible camera system that allows players to arbitrarily change almost both body details. Characters, from small size parts to the corners of the face. With a little creativity and patience, you can sometimes create a character based on the face of a real-life celebrity. Besides the virtual keys and the virtual joystick to control the character's movement, use skills or avoid attacks from enemies. In addition, the game is not simply "pay to win" because most immersive products are on the market.

The gameplay of Black Desert Mobile apk is designed with the most basic elements of the MMORPG series, with a top-down perspective and a flexible camera system that allows players to change freely, along with the keys. Virtual and virtual joysticks to control the moving characters, use skills or dodge attacks from enemies.

In addition to the intensive combat system Black Desert Mobile also holds many exciting activities, the most typical is the ability to tame and nurture pets. Unlike other RPG titles where Pet is only considered as an Item attached to the Item Box, Black Desert Mobile will bring a real sense of attachment. There you will have to catch them yourself in the nature to gradually tame and train to become the most effective horse.

The original version of Black Desert Mobile game was extremely complex, resulting in a number of mechanisms being ignored due to platform limitations. However, the developers still believe that the game still retains the spirit of the PC version despite all the cuts. One of the most important changes is the addition of automatic search mechanisms. Users on other platforms often have to grind for hours to get a huge amount of booty and that's simply not feasible on mobile.

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