Spotlight: Room Escape APK

Spotlight: Room Escape APK

Spotlight: Room Escape APK

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Spotlight: Room Escape gives players a very dramatic experience as well as exciting adventures. In this game, you are kidnapped and locked in a strange room. Your task is to investigate and find answers to various questions like who kidnapped you, your abduction intent, and more about the process of finding a way out!

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Get ready and start yourself on a journey. Collect all clues and build a blueprint to be able to escape. Take a good look at what is needed in the room like Torch, Rope, and many other things to get ready for your Escape plan. The game has a lot of mysterious levels for players, each level is designed with different unique escape plans. Take advantage of the skills that you have to explore as well as find the error location quickly.

Show off your detective skills and investigate every scene and object to find clues. Find out the logic and solve different number and word puzzles to unlock the lock. The clues are hidden anywhere around you. Solve riddles and words by investigating the clues found. The game requires you to have complete patience skills along with logical analysis skills to solve scenes quickly and get out.

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The game is beautifully designed with mysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Each object in the room is placed with clear logic around it and each scene depicts a profound meaning.! Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escape the Chamber of Mysteries.


Spotlight: Room Escape is a perfect game for all those who love to study the surrounding items and have excellent analytical and logical skills. The game brings some of the following salient features:

The game brings great 3D graphics with mysterious sound effects to help players extremely eye-catching and excited.

- Control gaming in intuitive touch mode

- Spotlight: Room Escape has many challenging levels from easy to difficult to make difficult for players. Through each different level, the player will gradually be more attracted.

- There are many thrilling scenes and hidden clues that require players to be smart and cunning to solve.

- Interesting puzzles and riddles are an attractive feature for players. There are many puzzles that require patience, combined with a little intelligence to be able to produce accurate results in a quick time.

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How to play

The task of the player in this game is very simple when you just “click” to find yourself different clues to escape. This is a game that attracts many players of all ages because of the attractiveness and challenges that the game brings. The game will help you improve your logical thinking and increase your efficiency in solving puzzles. Push your brain out and train your brain to solve challenging puzzles. Complete the level of success and unlock new crime scenes in a new room to be more thrilling.

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