Construction simulator

Construction Simulator is a very interesting construction game. In this game you will control 16 real construction machines to participate in the exploitation and construction of works. Thanks to realistic controls, you can control an excavator with two joysticks using SAE controls and feel as if you're working on a real construction site.

Features OF construction simulator

You will be able to control the tools and machines to perform specific construction tasks such as excavating the foundation of a house with real machines, pouring concrete on the factory walls with a pump. giant concrete, or test the rigidity of your hand by placing rafters on a giant roof with a mobile crane.

You can explore a vast, freely navigable world with many towns, fields and even highways - you'll find new challenges for the ever-evolving motor pool of yourself. If you succeed, you will be able to participate in bigger and more lucrative jobs and many different office locations with more possibilities will beckon.

You can play with multiple friends, operate cars with friends in multiplayer mode, and complete building tasks together or just play around in the open game world.

Up to four workers can participate in the game, the player opens the game as the host and plays a leadership role in running a construction company shared by other players in a game. co-operate.

You can work together with your friends to complete construction tasks. Dig holes with multiple excavators, while another player transports excavated materials to a gravel factory. In the advanced play section, you can work on up to three construction sites at the same time and actually start making money with your construction company.
This game has a lot of stages to work with different tasks and you have a lot of opportunities to integrate your own vehicles and construction sites into games. You can use the developer's Developer Kit to shape your own world and create your own game content.

And you can also share your mods with the wider fan community through Steamworks or on fan sites. In this way, a huge community of players can access an endless supply of user-generated content.

The game is free to play but there are features that require you to use real money, otherwise you can turn it off.

How to play OF construction simulator

Touch the screen and perform the tasks set in the game. This will be a very interesting game for you and your friends.