Pony Creator

Pony Creator apk is a game that helps you unleash your creativity for your horse characters. Pony Creator allows you to customize the horse's body shape, hair, colors, depending on facial expressions and posture. After customizing you will save or export images directly from the game to share with your friends. This game is especially suitable for children, it will help them combine color and creativity complementary to art.

For older people, they are a great entertainment game, which helps you relieve stress.

Features of Pony Creator

Pony Creator app offers a lot of fun experiences, you can create your own horse through the following options: Customize the height, weight and cushion for the horse's body, if you love a horse being stout or a skinny horse gives you a strong feeling you can do. A beautiful horse will have a very nice mane, in this game there are more than 70 manes and tails completely original so you can easily customize, combined with the colors that make up the horses. Because this is a game, not in a realistic framework, you should create your own liking. The game also adds 50 tattoos to give your horse some personality, more than 16.7 million color choices will make you overwhelmed.

More than 100 unique accessories including hats, ties, jewelry... help your horse more luxurious. Adjusting the color of the horse's hair and eye color will give it life and increase the cuteness or sophistication. You can also turn your horse's head and flip the body to make it look wherever you want. The horse's shape will give different perspectives, maybe it shows a brutally powerful war horse, which can give you a warm and close feeling. Perhaps creating a horse depends on how much or reflect on your personality.

When you're done creating your horse you can preview or save and send it to your friends or for your own purposes. Easy-to-use interface allows you to preview all in-game options. When you save it, you also need to pay attention to the resolution so that the cutie accents seem to dislike high resolution images. Remember, the cutie mark when the horse has an average size of only 38x38 pixels, so if the image is too large, the ratio will make the image invisible. If you import an image and don't see it, try using a lower resolution image.

How to play Pony Creator

Just download and install the application and you can unleash your own creative horse. Pony Creator apk is where you can customize everything according to MAX, including height, body thickness and color of hair, body, eyes, background and more, right below the hex code. You can create all your favorite characters and save them for your collection.