Filelinked APK

Filelinked APK is a free and fast batch file downloader for Android devices or you can use this app to create your own collection of files like wallpapers, apps, songs or whatever something you like. This is one of the very convenient applications, downloading files quickly without spending time searching and importing UR. Moreover, it is completely free for everyone to download or share files, so it has been used by a lot of people.

FEATURES of Filelinked APK

The Filelinked APP gives you direct and simultaneous access to multiple files downloaded to your device without having to enter any URL. No need to search for each application or tool you need. You only need to enter the 8-digit long code on your Android device to download the files. Create custom profiles that include one or more files of any file type and generate unique code. With this code, go to Filelinked on your Android device and enter your code to start downloading immediately.






如何发挥Filelinked APK

该Filelinked APK易于使用,只需下载并在设备上安装它,你可以使用它。安装完成后,应用程序图标将显示在设备屏幕上,打开和点击图标打开应用程序。这是我们的网站上选择,另外还有许多其他的应用非常有用的应用之一。你可以学习,下载和使用这些应用程序供您娱乐休闲或工作。祝您将与我们的服务来满足。