Digital Compass

Digital Compass is one of the best compass and navigation apps on mobile, a digital compass that can be used for most of your outdoor activities like travel, picnicking, and plugging. camp, hiking or boating. With Digital Compass, no matter where you are, what you do will never get lost.

Digital Compass is the most accurate smart compass and is a great tool to use for most of your outdoor activities with compass galaxies such as travel, picnics, hiking, camping or Rowing. This application allows you to determine the direction (bearing, azimuth or degree) that you are currently facing. Construction Digital compass using gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, gravity of equipment. Make sure your device has an accelerometer and magnetometer otherwise it won't work.

This is a smart application that automatically adjusts the difference between true and magnetic north for any compass location such as an android compass and also provides the latitude and longitude coordinates of the routes.


Digital Compass是一款快速免费的指南针GPS应用程序。这是最准确的离线指南针应用程序,并支持高清屏幕。适用于Android的Smart Compass是真正的Android指南针,可显示设备的实时方向,磁场和实际北方位置。











Digital Compass是非常易于使用的应用程序。下载并打开应用程序后,您可以完全搜索所需内容。此外,数字指南针的设计相当省时,直接的用户界面,可以使用最高的屏幕分辨率查看图像。您将收到以不同颜色显示的路线信息。如果指南针的方向不正确,则可以检查它是否受到磁场的影响。立即拥有此应用,以便您可以确定当前所面对的方向(方位,方位角或角度)。