Diep.io APK is one of the first multiplayer tank battles super games. There is a large selection of tanks, a lot of players and levels, weapons upgrading, various game modes and so on. You start as a weak tank. Then you upgrade your skills and abilities, your level increases deep and you become bigger and stronger tank. Diep.io is a new addition in which you control a tank and shoot down both opponents and obstacles. This lets you upgrade your tank while you try to survive as long as possible. The main goal is to upgrade your tank up to level 45. To achieve this, you have to break colored figures and destroy tanks of other players and you must upgrade your tank three times. In Diep io game, like similar to games, you must get the leaderboard, but in this case, other players will see your tank and can quickly detect you.




- 在线多人动作!

- 数十名球员在每场比赛!

- 快节奏的坦克上坦克战!

- 级了各种统计信息!

- 升级到许多不同的坦克职业!

- 易玩,但具有挑战性的掌握!

- 免费玩!

- 什么修改都可以与油箱的15,30和45个级别的升级;

- 什么样的特点来荡去打败其他玩家;

- 哪种策略在游戏中的坦克选择;

- 反对哪一个类你在战斗中的优势;

- 对于某些坦克,最好不要涉足战斗。