Buzz Tube is an application that allows you to easily find great videos in many categories such as Love videos - funny videos - social media - Motivational creative videos and searchable video players video, share videos on delayed platforms like: instagram and facebook and share status on whatsapp.

Buzz Tube is a great solution for you to download your favorite movies and videos. It allows you to access, search, watch, share and download videos from various websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Youku, Facebook or Instagram. This application is not only for phones but also for PC versions, so you can watch - download videos from Youtube and other websites on your computer. Video quality is partially implemented with performance beyond the description to make your videos as seamless and efficient as possible. With the watch in HD mode and 4K resolution, the more the eye to watch for a smooth and smooth head. The function is designed to work easily at your fingertips. Support playback of different videos. Now you can watch videos anytime, anywhere. Watch above on your mobile phone or tablet.

Buzz Tube is a super fast, friendly and easy to use YouTube video player. Equipped with many outstanding features, beautiful interface, good customization capabilities, the Buzz Tube app is indispensable if you want to download high quality videos to your computer.

• Play videos in LANDSCAPE mode

• Create playlists without logging in

• Add UNLIMITED videos to the playlist

• Quick search suggestions

• Suggest related videos

• Swipe left or right to close the video player

巴兹管提供了许多支持连接,有助于加快视频下载到设备上。与众多优秀的功能,允许您下载您喜欢的视频,你可以离线观看他们在没有网络连接。你可以一边看电影,听音乐或与朋友聊天下载视频。支持格式快速转换 - 从视频到MP3等。这个程序被列在App Store的视频编辑和播放器类别。用你喜欢的浏览器下载的应用程序,然后点击install来安装它。



- 最喜欢的视频采集

- 显示关于视频的一般信息

- 选择流媒体播放器来观看影片,

- 搜索目录中的视频

- 对了WhatsApp和Facebook甚至Instagram的分享视频

- 您可以下载并保存在手机上的视频,后来看着他们

- 下载视频速度非常快

- 我们每天都会添加视频

- 根据viwes视频进行分类

- 集成的浏览器浏览视频

- 巴斯管可以下载和无限的视频净节省

- 集成了视频播放器离线播放视频

- 你可以改变视频目录

- 支持下载的高清视频 - 一段视频

- 轻松与好友分享影片

- 支持SD卡

- 视频状态

- 下载视频,保存的音乐和图片来自网络

- 为每个下载运行Live下载进度条。

- 保存音乐管

- 支持大文件下载 - 支持下载高清视频