WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows users to text, chat and share media, including voice and video messages, with individuals or groups.

Download the Whatsapp app

To use Whatsapp on your phone, you must download Whatsapp to your device and install it. Currently Whatsapp has download files for Android phones, iPhones and iPads.

For Android: Download Whatsapp for free here

For Iphone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/whatsapp-messenger/id310633997

Create Shortcut for contact

For one or a group of friends you frequently contact, this Shortcut feature is very useful. You just need click on that person's Shortcut on your phone screen, the chat window will be opened immediately without having to open the Whatsapp icon.

To create this shortcut, click on the contact, a popup window will appear as shown below and select "Add conversation shortcut"

Lock the application

In case you want to secure your contacts on whatsapp, the app lock feature is essential. Anyone who wants to access your whatsapp account need to have a password as shown below

To use this feature you must download Whatsapp Lock. This is the link to download Whatsapp Lock for Android.

Message statistics on Android

This feature statistics the frequency of your contact with other people in your contacts. You have to download WhatStat application to use this feature. That statistic will be shown as below.

Group chat

        Create content in bold, italic

You can emphasize your chat content in bold, italics using the following syntax:

* Content need to be bold *

_ Content need to be italicized _

Backup and restore messages

For iOS:

Go to Settings> Chat Settings> Chat Backup, select Back Up Now

For Android:

Go to Settings> Chat settings, select Backup Conversations to create a backup. This backup process will not back up multimedia files like images, so you need to back up files using a file manager and access: / sdcarrd / WhatsApp / Media.

Star the message

If someone sends you an important message but you can't read it right away, mark the message so you can easily find them. To star the message, press and hold the message and Click the star icon that appears in the top bar

Update Status

This feature allows users to share photos, videos or texts with friends for a period of 24 hours before they disappear automatically.

Last Seen

Last Seen attached with a timestamp that shows who was viewing your profile when you were last online. Through your privacy settings, you have the option to control who can see your last time on the app - however, it's not possible to hide your status when you're online.

Turn off images in the gallery

To turn off the WhatsApp image displayed in the photo gallery or Camera roll, follow the steps below:

For iOS:

Go to Settings> Privacy> Photo, then select switch WhatsApp to OFF.

For Android:

You can prevent Gallery from scanning images by creating a nomedia file in the folder of WhatsApp.

Receive Whatsapp notifications on computer

If you want to receive WhatsApp app notifications on your computer, you can download the Desktop Notifications application.

After installing the Desktop Notifications application on your Android and installing Desktop Notifications on Chrome or Firefox browser extensions (whichever you choose), you can receive notifications from WhatsApp on your computer.

Checkmark Whatsapp

This feature helps you identify whether the receiver has read your message or haven’t.

  • One Gray Checkmarks means the message has been sent successfully from your phone, but it has not been sent to the recipient yet.
  • Two Gray Checkmarks means your message has been sent, but not be read by recipient.
  • Two Blue Checkmarks means your message has been read or at least the recipient has opened the message

How to install Whatsapp on the phone

Click on the "Settings" section of the application. You need to accept the permission to install download Facebook to perform the installation on your phone. During installation, if you are asked "Allow to issue installation rights for unknown applications", then select the agree. Wait for the installation to succeed, Whatsapp will notify you.

Instructions to create Whatsapp account

Open WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp has a green frame with a dialogue bubble and a white phone icon inside.

Click Agree & Continue to agree to the terms of service of WhatsApp.

Enter your phone number. WhatsApp will use this phone number to conduct verification. Whatsapp will send a 6-digit automated message to your phone number.

Bạn nhập số đó và bấm vào nút "Done" để hoàn tất việc đăng ký tài khoản Whatsapp. Sau khi kiểm tra tài khoản, cửa sổ sau đây sẽ bật ra. Đây là màn hình chính của ứng dụng Whatsapp.

Bảo mật thông tin cá nhân

Để làm cho sự riêng tư của thông tin cá nhân trên tài khoản Whatsapp của bạn, hãy làm theo các bước sau để kích hoạt tính năng thông báo an ninh, xác thực 2 yếu tố và lưu trữ hiệu lực điện toán đám mây.

- Bật thông báo an ninh

Để bật thông báo an ninh, đi đến WhatsApp> Cài đặt> Tài khoản> Bảo mật> Hiển thị thông báo an ninh và bật công tắc như hình dưới đây.

- Bật xác thực hai yếu tố

Để kích hoạt tính năng bảo mật hai yếu tố, vào Menu> Cài đặt> Tài khoản> Xác minh hai bước> Enable.

- sao lưu lưu trữ đám mây Disable

Đối với iPhone: Đến WhatsApp> Cài đặt> Trò chuyện> Trò chuyện Sao lưu> Tự động sao lưu> Tắt.

Đối với Android: WhatsApp> Menu> Settings> Trò chuyện> Trò chuyện Sao lưu và rời khỏi "Google Drive: Không bao giờ" chế độ như hình dưới đây

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