Play and enjoy exciting music with Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! for Android - attractive music game on Google Play. The game will surely bring you moments of relaxation and interesting entertainment.

Unlike music games with typical black-and-white style gameplay, losing piano simulations such as Snow Magic Piano Tiles, Piano Magic Tiles 2018 or Piano Black Tiles, Tiles Hop EDM Rush game! for Android owns extremely new and attractive gameplay: You need to control the ball jumping on the square tiles that appear on an endless road and must avoid gaps on the screen.

Also, Tiles Hop EDM Rush! Not limited to playing only on the tracks already installed in the game. Players can upload their favorite songs from the phone to experience. Play now and feel the new music challenges anytime and anywhere with many free specials every day.

With Tiles Hop: EDM Rush !, you can play games with a variety of music genres, from Piano, melodious guitar, to Rock and electronic EDM masterpieces.

Tiles Hop will be the best music game for you to relax after a long day of hard work and study.You can also upload your favorite song and overcome the challenges of that song.

With Tiles Hop: EDM Rush !, you can play games with many attractive genres: Piano, Guitar, Rock and EDM electronic music.


- Self-challenge mode: just upload the song you like, the challenges on the run will be automatically created for you to experience.

- Control by 1 touch easy to play, easy to control

- Beautiful and stunning 3D graphics and effects

- More than 30 songs of various genres to play and relax.

- More than 20 different backgrounds and effects, giving you a fun experience every time you play.

- Collect beautiful skins for your jumping balls.

- Set record scores and challenge friends in the game.

- Share records with friends and compare with other players around the world on the Leaderboard.

- Connect to your Facebook account to save and sync your play on multiple devices.


- Touch, hold and drag to the sides to control the ball jumping onto the tiles. Jumping into the center of each tile will help you get more points.

- yolumdan "düşmek" değil!

- Bir tuğla kaçırmamak deneyin.

- Oyuncular oynamak ve oynatmak için kendi mobil cihazdan şarkıları yükleyebilirsiniz.

- Sakin ol, harika müzik keyfini ve her şarkıya uyarlanmış bağımlılık zorluklar atılmak.

top beat müziği dans edecek. Müzik dinleyin, melodi takip edip topu kontrol ve zorlukları aşmak için yeteneğinizi kullanın. oynarken elleriniz gitmesine izin vermeyin!

Sihirli fayans üzerinde Dans, dövmek dinlemek ve büyüleyici müzik oyununda Fayans Hop içinde mümkün olduğunca çok sayıda adımlar: EDM Rush !. Oyun müziği seven herkese yepyeni bir deneyim getirecek.