Anghami brings you free music genres to listen to and enjoy according to mood. Anghami also recommends songs that suit your taste, support creating playlists, sharing music, and managing all your songs in a single place.

Anghami is the leading music streaming application today on mobile platforms, allowing streaming high-quality music up to 320Kbps, where you can find any song you love. Users can assemble your favorite songs and create playlists for every mood and event, get the best music recommendations based on your listening history. The app also brings users the latest releases or discover the hottest playlists from popular artists.

Anghami helps you follow your favorite artists to stay updated on new music trends, share music via Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Messenger. Connect your music world wherever you are on your Android or Android Wear device or listen to music via Chromecast or Android TV for a better experience.

Features of Anghami

- Find music fast by artist name or from a library of millions of international songs

- Want to find new music? See Anghami's nomination list right now based on activity, mood, and genre. There will be playlists that suit each user's style

- Watch music videos including exclusive MVs

- Do you need hot music for special events or outdoor parties? Choose a vibrant playlist in Anghami

- Experience realistic Dolby sound quality

- Build a personal music library by gathering songs and listening anytime, anywhere

- Share your favorite music on Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook

- Subscribe to Anghami Plus subscription to download music for free and listen offline without ads

How to use Anghami

The app divides its services into four sections: new songs, playlists, most popular songs, and new albums. This way, you will update what other users are listening to and all the latest posts.

If you want to perform a specific search, you only need to enter the name of the group or song you are searching in Angham's search field for a broad list of results, including playlist selection made by people Anonymous use includes search terms.

All the music you find on Anghami can be played and downloaded, so you can easily access your favorite artists and discover thousands of songs sung in Arabic.

Like Spotify, Zing MP3, Vevo ... Anghami is a modern online music service for all music lovers. Here you can update new hits, watch music videos, download free music, listen to music on the built-in playlist, share music ... with Anghami's massive music library.