Wearther Underground

Weather Underground is not only an online weather forecast application but also can be used as a quite detailed map application. Providing current weather information, historical data, and future weather forecasts, Weather Underground will be the best choice when you want to plan your outing.

This is an extremely professional weather forecast application. It is based on interactive data by radars and satellites with over 180,000 weather stations around the world. In addition, this application is supported by a community of people who regularly share weather data from the nearest station. This will help ensure accuracy where you are following.

In addition to basic weather features, this app also provides health information such as the risk of UV effects, flu outbreaks, and pollen allergies. It collects global information sources with lots of personal weather stations everywhere so the accuracy is quite high.

The Weather Underground web version of weather forecast application brings a lot of useful features for users, from short-term weather forecasts to current weather information. With this application, you will always get the most accurate and reliable information to make safe trips. For compact use, you can install Weather Underground for iOS or Android phones.

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