What3words is an application that will help you share and find any location in the world in the easiest way possible. Using what3words is really easy: every third meter in the world has a unique three-word address. This way, you can agree to meet your friends at any place in the world by sharing three words that belong to that particular location.

Using what3words is as easy as moving around anywhere in the world with Google Maps or another similar location. You can check the three words belonging to a specific address at the bottom of the screen. Once you've found the location you're looking for, simply save it to your favorite list or share directly via any of your social networks or messaging apps.

You will see 3-word addresses displayed by hotels, restaurants, travel guides and websites. They can be used in 40 languages and are much simpler to remember, use and communicate than regular addresses. They are also much more accurate and reliable.









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