Walmart MoneyCard apk

Walmart MoneyCard apk is a free application developed by Green Dot, under the Finance category. Up to now, the application has attracted a lot of downloads because of its benefits to users. The special thing is that this application is easy to use without any inconvenience when you want to manage and access your money.

Manage your cards and get access to all the great features of Walmart MoneyCard. Here you will be able to use features like Send-to-Person Money, Pay Online, Pay MoneyCard Vault and more. It provides users with many practical benefits such as Save time, quickly and easily use the application.

Use Walmart MoneyCard to shop online or in stores everywhere Debit MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted in the United States. If you buy a Plus or Preferred card, you can pay your bill online. Priority cardholders have access to "Online Vault", allowing you to put money as a savings account. Unlike the savings accounts offered by other prepaid debit cards we've reviewed, Walmart's Vault Online doesn't offer any interest for the extra money you add.

ウォルマートMoneyCardは、あなたが直接入金と銀行振込を通して、あなたのカードにお金を追加することができます。また、あなたのウォルマートのアカウントにWalmartsの登録カード、預金小切手をスワイプし、ウォルマートMoneyCenter Expressのキオスクを使用してお金を追加することができます。これらの方法のいくつかは、小さなダウンロードを充電します。



- 簡単にいつでもウォルマートMoneyCardにあなたのお金を管理し、アクセスします。

- ビューの残高および取引履歴

- ウォルマートの店舗やATMの場所近くに検索

- 料金を支払います

- あなたはまた、現金バックの報酬とウォルマートMoneyCardとカード会員のための金庫にお金を入れてすることができ:

- キャッシュバック報酬のバランスを見ます

- ご注文と事前承認小切手