Google street view

Google Street View is an application that helps users explore specific worlds on each street and route. With google street view for Android, you can fully check in advance the places you want to visit or simply travel the virtual world right on your pretty small smartphone.

In addition to traveling through google street view, you can also create photo spheres to add your own Street View experience and share it with anyone in the world - people who share the same love. Enjoy exploring like you. Just turn on the app and take a photosphere with the app's instructions, then you can publish it to Google Maps to share your photo spheres with the world.

This is an application with many benefits for user convenience. Owning it seems everything makes it easy for you to explore the specific world on each street and route. Let's start downloading google street view to use right away.

Features of google street view:

- Browse - or receive notifications about - the latest special collections from Google

- Explore all Street View (including contributions from others)

- You can comment on the published images.






-プライバシーモードでPhoto Sphere写真を管理します。

-CardboardモードでPhoto Sphereに浸ろう。