Workplace by Facebook apk

Workplace by Facebook is an application created by Facebook that provides a contact system for businesses but has no ads and is completely separate from Facebook. It allows users to create groups, participate in real-time chat, and open video calls with associates. This is a perfect choice for small and medium businesses because it saves costs, improves work efficiency and delivers instant, easy-to-find information.

Features of Workplace by Facebook

The application supports collaboration between peers quickly and conveniently, to connect all employees in business and help employees to collaborate more closely, sharing data. , meetings, planning or internal communications.

Provides a professional communication system compatible with most Android devices, iOS and computers.

It allows users to create groups, participate in real-time chat, and open video calls with associates. Create a team for your team and project and communicate, exchange information in it, you can share unlimited project updates, files, videos, photos, ideas and more... You can add members to the group or let members leave the group at any time. Send messages, make voice and video calls. When you are on a call you can easily switch to the video call mode.

Currently, small and medium enterprises are widely applying this application, the reason is as follows:

- To attract more businesses to use if you do not use Workplace Premium, the sale will not have to pay to use, so it will save costs for businesses. Workplace Premium charges a fee but is also very low and depends on the size of the company. Compared to the common ground, this is a relatively low paid application.
Improve work efficiency

- Workplace helps you improve productivity because it is more optimal for businesses, so it's easy to get acquainted with new users. The workplace has no ads or entertainment features like the Game and you don't share personal feelings, entertainment news, funny videos or photos like on Facebook, but only pubic-related information. therefore, minimizing the distraction for internal communication of the company.

- Create groups for different projects, so when any information in the project team can receive instant notification emails as well as display notifications on the personal page of a member. Moreover, information is transmitted and responded quickly, easily finding old conversations, so it also helps improve the efficiency of businesses.

With this application users create their repositories, collaboration spaces and groups, integrate their resources with the intranet and share files on the application.

The live video feature will help them to access information more easily and can exchange and comment directly in those videos. This can help them create meetings when members are not together.

The app provides a professional intercom system compatible with most android, IOS and computer devices and easily syncs between these devices.