Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a defense strategy game with quite interesting stick figures. Game Stick War: Legacy for mobile is currently in the top of the most played free games with very good reviews from users. The game bears a strong defensive element with a topic far different from the previous exploitation of stickman games.

You may be familiar with stick-stick games with funny images, but Stick War: Legacy for Android brings a completely different image. In the game, you control your army in each unit, you have full control with each stickman warrior. Build units, gold mines and learn how to use Swordsmen, Soldiers, Archers, Wizards or even Giants to destroy enemies and capture the entire territory.

Background in the game Stick War: Legacy is the world called Inamorta. Around you are autonomous nations. They develop their own technology to fulfill their ambition to dominate other countries. Each country develops its own way of attacking and defending. They are proud of their unique handicrafts and obsessed to the point of worship, turning weapons into religion. Each nation believes that their way of life is unique and wants to impose it on all other countries through what leaders claim to be "divine intervention". And war is inevitable.

Download Stick War: Legacy provides 4 character classes including Archidons (archers), Swordwrath (swordsmen), Magikill (wizards) and Speartons (soldiers). You are the leader of a country called "Order". Your way of ruling is peace and knowledge. The people of the Order Kingdom did not worship weapons like deities. But it is this that makes your country the target of aggression by surrounding nations. The only chance to protect the kingdom is to attack first and get the unique technology of each country during the battle.

FEATURES of Stick War: Legacy

- Skins are now available for all characters. Unlock powerful weapons and armor, each of which gives the character different abilities

- Leaf skins help units to move and be created quickly

- Ice skins contain magic power that freezes and slows enemies

- Savage skins are made from bones and feathers of magic beasts, giving those who wear it more ability, attack speed, agility and stun

- Lava skins are formed in the heart of the volcano and cause damage to the opponent by burning them, at the same time causing the attacks of the enemy to bounce back, causing damage to the opponent.

- Vamp skins are said to contain the power of Chaos, created by Inamorta's darkest magic. Armor and weapons Vamp gives your units the power of life, immunity to toxins and damage to all opponents standing at close range

- Endless zombie survival mode: How many nights you can survive

- Endless Deads mode is presented in comic book style

- Tournament mode: Fight your own way through dozens of AI challenges to win the Inamorta Crown

Before sending troops to conquer, try to build solid defensive structures to ensure your land is safe and at the same time prepare a strong army to defend. In general, Stick War: Legacy is a game that is more about defense than attack. Download Stick War: Legacy for mobile to build your land with this interesting stick figure.