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Pokémon Masters APK

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Pokémon Masters is one of the newest titles from the Pokemon brand with the appearance of dozens of trainers.

The game has a very different gameplay style. The game gathers stars in the series, expected to officially launch this summer for both iOS and Android. This game is one of the latest titles from the Pokemon brand with the appearance of dozens of the most prominent gym coaches and leaders in the series. The core concept of the game is inspired by the desire to bring together all the Trainer and Gym Leader and their unique monster array from past games to let players compete.

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- The game will focus on the Trainer instead of the Pokemon like other games. The setting will take place at a new location, Pasio Island. The trainers will gather on this island and will be divided into “sync pairs”, such as Red and Charizard, Misty and Starmie, or Brock and Onix. There will be 65 pairs assimilating once the game is released and the number will increase through subsequent updates. Instead of traditional turn-based battles, players will participate in a 3v3 match in real-time, then you will choose 3 pairs of anabolic to fight against AI opponents. The goal of the Trainer is to be the champion of the Pokemon Masters League.

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- In Pokémon Masters, there are still many familiar characters in the Pokemon anime series along with their characteristic Pokemon such as Brock and his rock partner Onix, Misty, and water-based Starmie pokemon … Those characters can be unlocked and co-operated. accompany you in battle. Therefore, you must unlock a trainer associated with Pokemon before cooperating or fighting.

- Pokémon Master has a turn-based approach, each squad will have 3 coaches, each with a unique swap. Each – Pokémon has a special ability that can be used when it is the trainer’s turn to associate during the battle.

- When playing in co-op mode with other players or AI opponents, you can combine abilities, evolve Pokemon to a certain extent, and use the necessary mix of items.

- With the Pokemon Master mobile game, you can play for hours every day without waiting for feedback or spending anything because there is no physical limit.

How to play

Each training term uses only one favorite pokemon, combined into a pair called sync pair.

When participating in Pokemon Master League, you need to pair up with others to form Team 3, from which start the battle to earn badges.

In addition to fighting PLM, the game also has many tasks for you to upgrade because the level in Pokemon Master is one of the factors that determines your strength.

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