GTA 3 is a great action game in an open world with a third-person perspective. Characters in the game will move by foot or by other means, use many weapons and perform many spectacular action scenes that impress strongly.

In GTA 3, players can shoot members of another gang, drive cars to insert bad guys, throw grenades and perform many bloody action. During the game, you will meet many characters, perform many tasks and feel the darkest aspects of life. This game is highly entertaining, helping players temporarily escape from real life and raise game standards to a new level.

The gameplay of GTA 3 is a combination of driving, shooting, exploring and role-playing scenes. Players will control an unnamed criminal trying to rob a bank. This guy was cheated by his girlfriend and was shot to death. He had to flee the police during a game of intense chase in the game. Players need to help characters perform important tasks in 3D space of GTA 3. This classic game includes 3 large urban areas, many industrial, commercial and suburban areas. Each of them has beautiful architecture and scenery. Players must confront the powerful artificial intelligence of the computer.

The action game GTA 3 has the appearance of many characters, cut-in scenes from the game and compelling storylines that attract players during the time of exploring the game. Those things are integrated into each task, big or small. In addition, the characters in the game have very attractive voices and players can choose the tasks at will. In addition to the main tasks, the game also includes many side quests, optional tasks that players can choose to freely explore the game at will.

Players will control the character walking or using many useful vehicles on the road, beaches, subway and many other locations. Sometimes, characters can enter buildings, go to balconies, enter each room in an apartment, and even climb on the roofs. Players can explore many places, jump and shoot helicopters. There are many weapons appearing everywhere for players to collect. If you pay close attention, players can find mysterious paths and secret locations in every corner of the game with beautiful angles and large maps.


- Stunning visual graphics with awesome character and truck routes

- HD quality resolution

- Optimized gameplay for touch devices

- Customizable controls for mobile platforms

- Endless hours of play

- Support gamepad when choosing USB controller

- Integrated Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback

- Experience audio-visual effects with new video display settings

With an awesome character system, deep storyline, good soundtrack and flexible gameplay in the open world, GTA 3 deserves an excellent action game on mobile. Classic graphics of the 80s, epic fire effects, eye-catching racing and realistic fights are the elements to download GTA 3 to your phone.