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Coin Master is an action game combined with a very interesting construction style for Android. You can build your own dream village in the game, and you can also design your dream village using thousands of elements or designs. You need a lot of money to build it. Here, you will transform into a bandit and make money by plundering or relying on the spin of luck. Then use that money to build your island nation.

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With designs with bright colors, beautiful graphics and images, Coin Master creates sympathy and immediately attracts players. In this playground, you can travel beyond the time and go to the magic land and fight to become the best Pirate, Hippie, King, Warrior or Viking.

You can compete with friends and millions of other players around the world, invade their village and steal as much gold and silver as possible. In particular, on that adventure, you will always have a lovely character to accompany, be it agile squirrel, lovely pig, ferocious tiger or powerful rhino. Each animal will have a special ability, powerful assistance in each mission and help you become the richest person.

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The game has brought players to comfort as well as relieve all stress after hours of hard work. The game has conquered a lot of gamers not only by the fun and thrill but also by its features:

Dial to earn loot: you’ll spin lucky spin to try your luck. Every time you spin, players can get additional attack time, money, shield … Get lots of coins by hitting coins or gold wrap so you can build the throne. Strong pirate village and overcome challenges at different levels. Get a shield to protect the village from pirates who are attacking.

Attack and plunder other pirates: Besides the lucky spin, gamers can go rob other people. Attack or plunder from friends and foes to earn enough money to build your village. Fight and win against all enemies. Take revenge on those who attacked your village and get back what belongs to you. Remember to bring your Coin Dozer and get rich again because you will never know what treasure you can find in someone else’s village!

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Collect all cards: Collect the cards to complete the decks and advance to the next village. Your victory will be more and more wonderful with every village you conquer.

Play with friends: Exchange your cards with the online community to collect them all. Join our fast-growing interactive Facebook community to meet new pirate friends, earn great rewards, and exchange treasures!

Let’s conquer the new global and national rankings. Enjoy the often interesting parts and find blood treasures in 7 new villages. Try to reach them before your friends do.

How to play

The game is not too difficult to control, you just need a simple manipulation with the touch is able to spend hours to conquer this interesting game.

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