Clumsy Ninja APK

Clumsy Ninja APK

Clumsy Ninja APK

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Meet Clumsy Ninja, the most miserable ninja ever loved on a touch screen!

Clumsy Ninja is the next generation of characters! He can feel, feel, move and react well all the time. Prepare to be surprised, oh, and take care of him well!

Train him, throw him, tickle him, and even tie balloons to him. Everything you do will make Clumsy Ninja more skillful, and help him find his missing friend, Kira.

Clumsy Ninja 3

The main purpose of the game is to save the girlfriend and training partner of Clumsy Ninja, Kira from Hori Bull, with the main purpose of finding the Dragon Medal. Kira loses the Dragon Medal when Hori Bull weakens her. The clumsy Ninja, Lily, Chicken, Squirrel, and Sensei come to the temple to find Kira and save her from Hori Bull. Kira took back the Dragon Medal from him when her friends were excited.

Although the ninja performs most of these activities automatically, the player can also interact with him. You can even play ball with ninja, use your finger to throw the ball back to him.

In Clumsy Ninja, you can do more than just play. You can also personalize the ninja’s appearance by giving him different belts and hoods, and you can use them to unlock objects like punching bags or trampolines.

Clumsy Ninja 1

Clumsy Ninja is a very interesting mix of video games and virtual pets, and the graphics are simply breathtaking. The ninja’s design and the way he animated makes him see a real treat.

To make your ninja less clumsy and more proficient, you train him with a set of equipment: trampolines, punch bags, mannequins, things to throw at your ninja, etc. Ending a training session with each device will give your ninja experience points and each level requires a certain number of points before you can move up.

Tips and cheats you need to know

- Remember to save Kira.

You might get caught up in trying to turn you into a clumsy Ninja into a Master Ninja, but always remember your main goal – locate and save Kira well. Complete those missions as soon as they’re ready so you can save Kira much faster. We know that you really want more time to train your ninja, so make sure you speed up saving the bastards in the process of suffering so you can return to ninja practice as soon as possible good.

- Take advantage of your training items as much as possible.

Training your ninja with all training items is one of the best ways to get more XP and get all unlockable elements. Training items include trampolines, fake stones, and punching bags. Use all the training equipment available to you so that you can get an amount of XP and currency. You will unlock new training items along the way, so keep your ninja equipped with the best equipment.

- The best way to take advantage of that punching bag.

While your ninja is hitting that punch, you should make your ninja get the most XP possible. Just make sure there’s a small gap between the bag and the ninja so he has enough room to put another kick into it. Create a beat for yourself and your ninja kick will land almost every time. Remember – once it’s close enough, kick it! Just don’t think you can land at the last minute

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