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Youtube is a Google product. This is one of the most popular online video sharing websites in the world. Youtube was born in 2005. Before it was acquired by Google in 2006. I personally experienced YouTube at a time when it was acquired by Google. The initial speed in Vietnam is very sluggish. Later acquired by Google, watching videos through Youtube has improved to be very good, I guess they already have servers in Vietnam, so the speed has improved. Coming to Youtube you can watch videos from around the world, from videos for children, tv shows, instructional videos, courses …. Videos on youtube, in general, are numerous and counting.

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- YouTube Gaming: This is a video-sharing platform for games and live stream games that Google aims at rival platforms like Twitch.

- YouTube Kids is a platform specifically for children’s content. It also omits a lot of other content types, showing only the content for children so that parents can feel secure when showing them.

- YouTube MUSIC: You can create playlists, follow artists and prioritize videos like concerts or live performances.YouTube Music also supports creating random playlists with songs you might like every time you watch a music video.

- YouTube tv: This app has a long time ago and basically, it is a paid TV watching application, with no regular YouTube videos. For $ 39.99 / month, you will be able to watch dozens of cable channels and also include exclusive content from YouTube Red but must be purchased separately.

How to use

In the new version of YouTube, you can turn on Dark Mode. It would be more pleasing to the eyes if you are watching YouTube in a dark room and it looks very nice.

While watching a Youtube video from your computer, press the “J” key to rewind 10 seconds.

Press “L” KEY to fast forward 10 seconds.

Press the “K” or “Space” key to stop the video.

On the youtube mobile app, you can double-tap the left or right of the video to fast forward or rewind every 10 seconds. Continue to press to fast forward or rewind, each press time will increase or decrease 10 seconds.

Press the “M” KEY to turn off or turn on the sound.

Save videos to watch again when you cannot watch them right away: At the bottom of the video, click the “Add to” button to the right of the “Share” button, then click on the “Watch later” box. Watch saved videos by clicking the Settings button at the top left of the YouTube screen and clicking “Watch Later”.

Use the numeric keypad on the keyboard to jump the length of a video: The number keys 1 to 9 correspond to the video timeline. So if you press “2”, you will skip 20 percent of the video duration. Press “0” to return to the beginning of the video.

Watch 360-degree videos by rotating the mobile device or clicking and dragging with the mouse on the computer.