ToGa, founded in 2003, is a company that develops technology applications in life. In 2015, ToGa created the YiPPi app, an extremely interesting and intelligent social network where users can text, listen and call for free, can charge phone charges, pay utility bills, set airline tickets, hotels, shoping, learning foreign languages, playing games.

Yippi apk is a unique social networking messaging application. It supports audio, picture, video and text messaging, as well as unique features like whiteboards, beauty cameras, and live streaming. You can also create group chats or conversations secretly. Yippi runs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian devices.
This is an extremely interesting and intelligent social network, where users can text, listen and call for free, can charge phones, pay utilities, book flights, hotels, shoping. , learn languages, play games ... The YiPPi application is currently topping the No. 1 ranking in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. In addition, countries such as China, Thailand and Taiwan are developing very well.

Yippi's features

YIPPI for android can share internally and share external social networks like face, zalo, wechat, whatapp ... (Zalo or face only share internally with each other)
Lets edit images of livetream.

Chat with friends without typing, we just send a voice message and the recipient just clicks it will convert to text according to the language installed in the device. The recipient automatically translates the language the application is using for up to 2 minutes (Audio to Text).

Internal sharing and sharing of external social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Wechat, Whatapp.

YIPPI integrates both e-commerce shopping channels such as amazon, lazada, TOGAGO to book rooms and pay hotel and airline tickets... like traverloka

Integrating TOGAGO booking and payment of hotel airline tickets ... like Traveloka

YIPPI allows you to top up your phone at a cheaper price, for example if you deposit 100k it will cost only 4 $

Learn languages, play games

Payment of electricity and water.

With Yippi, you can chat with your friends through voice messages, texts or images. You can also create group conversations to talk with even 1,000 other friends.