Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is a web browser that is considered to have a beautiful, attractive interface with good security mode and extremely fast browsing speed. This Yandex Browser uses flexible browsing features such as search engine selection, bookmarking, virus scanning and alerts, bookmark syncing, etc. Hard to find in any browser.

Yandex Browser app has a special interface, just like the Google Chrome browser, but arranged in the style of Windows 8 style with the ability to add, pin, or delete widgets. Besides, this browser also uses WebKit rendering technology, similar to Google Chrome. In particular, browser controls become transparent and appear only when you use them.

Yandex Browser apk has stealth mode which prevents the collection of data on your browsing activity. When starting the browser, users are given the choice of their most popular and familiar search engine. The search feature in SmartBox helps you quickly find the data you need by entering website addresses and information in SmartBox.

If the Internet connection speed is slow, Turbo mode will automatically turn on, compressing data and speeding up browsing. This is a quite unique feature that even Firefox does not have, if you want to enable this mode in Firefox, you must use another extension.

Features of Yandex Browser

- High-speed web browsing

- Transparent interface, Windows 8 style layout

- Security when browsing the web

- Search engine options

- Bookmark, sync bookmarks

- Virus scan with the downloaded file

How to use Yandex Browser

Step 1:

Launch the browser and you will be asked if you want to import data from other browsers on your computer to Yandex Browser. Yandex Browser supports importing data from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer. Select the browser and then press the Import button.

Step 2:

The user then selects the background for the Yandex Browser with the provided images. If you want to use your image, click the plus icon, and select the image on your computer as a background. Click Continue to continue.

Step 3:

This is the main interface of the Yandex Browser. On the left, there will be some icons for quick access to History, Bookmarks, and some Yandex services.

In the middle of the interface are Tableau Widgets with favorite websites that Yandex Browser recommends to everyone. If you want to add another widget, select the Add button and select the Website to add.

There is also an option to edit the background in the browser.

Step 4:

When you click on the dash icon 3 will display the settings interface for the browser. Yandex Browser also has an incognito browsing mode with Ctrl + Shift + N keys to activate, Turbo mode speeds up web browsing when Internet connection problems.

Step 5:

Settings interface on the browser is divided into different groups with 5 items. General settings will include basic settings for the browser.

Step 6:

When accessing a website on Yandex Browser, you are also provided with automatic language translation mode.