VK apk

VK is a social network that helps you connect with people through conversations and groups of people with similar interests. You can make friends and talk with many people from all over the world, for entertainment, business purposes ...

Features of VK

The application brings people close to each other, chatting directly with friends through text messages, images, icons, audio messages, videos or video calls. , make voice calls, send your location, record voice messages, call other users, share documents, stories and more, right inside the messenger. You can chat anytime, text and then your friend will respond immediately or some time after they read. The messages will be saved and not lost unless you delete them. Through conversations, you can share news and plan with friends, family and colleagues.

Make video calls, voice calls when two people use it at the same time. You can make private or group calls very simply and easily, you can add or remove members as you like, a group can have many members. Each group addresses different issues, be it work groups, group of friends, relatives, make the groups exciting by chatting with everyone in the group a lot.

You can talk for hours without charge, only your device runs out of battery or runs out of space.

Here you can find communities by topic, for example, business, entertainment, food, fashion...

unite millions of people, creating infinite possibilities for media, entertainment, business and social networks from anywhere in the world. Chat directly with your friends and make calls to your loved ones. On VK, you can find themed communities, make new friends, try online dating and more.

In addition to chatting, you can also play games, watch videos and stream, listen to music, join the community and explore a whole new world of talented artists. You can post your news and stories to your account for everyone to follow.

Personal information is also stored securely and even conversations are kept confidential so you don't have to worry about leaking important information, as messages and calls are connected very quickly and Safe so you don't have to worry about stolen data.

The application is compatible with most Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices so you can easily view content shared on your device and it can synchronize between devices. Therefore, you can use any device to use your account and the information will be preserved.

To gain access to all VK Music functions you need to register for an account, then all ads will be deleted and you will be given access to a wide selection of music that you can listen to when The screen is locked. However, the registration will cost you money, the cost of registration: 149 rubles a month with the first 30 free days. After confirming the subscription payment, the next transaction will be done automatically through your iTunes account, then any unused portion of the free trial period will be canceled after Registration completed.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless auto-renew is disabled no more than 24 hours before the end of the billing cycle. A canceled subscription remains valid until the last paid date. The registration fee for the current month is non-refundable and the subscription is canceled at the end of the current billing cycle. Removing the application will not unsubscribe and you can manage subscriptions or turn off auto-renew in your iTunes account settings.