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VidMate APK

VidMate APK

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VidMate is a great application that allows users to download not only videos but also movies and music to their phones or computers in just a few minutes, with VidMate online downloading made easy, fast quickly.

VidMate is your bundled media downloader that promises you convenience, flexibility, and quality downloads. With the number of supported websites ranging from online, social media, and more, you have an almost unlimited number of media available to you.

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The features of the application are very useful and varied, you not only download videos from Youtube but also download a lot from other websites. Own Vidmate versatile app for phones. With a beautiful interface not to be missed, every time you use the application will give you an extremely enjoyable and pleasant experience, just a simple operation you can download any video you like for your phone.


Download unlimited Full HD movies: If you are a movie lover, but do not know which movies are HOT, come to Vidmate a software that helps you update current HOT movies on the market today, from sources reputable film. With many other types of movies such as Action, fiction, fun … updated quickly. Vidmate also helps you download Full HD movie videos to your computer to watch movies without having to turn on 3G, Wifi.

Download high-quality music: With the current music websites, the Vidmate app supports users to download more than 500,000 songs, with different genres such as Pop, young music, … anyone song you If you want to download to your computer, just need to have Vidmate, you have the music store for your mobile.

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Watch and Download Full HD videos: Vidmate’s movie-watching feature is very convenient, sharp image quality, high resolution, has many unique video viewing modes. In particular, you can search and download hundreds of thousands of videos from popular sharing websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Funny … Just click the download button on the screen and you can download it. video to my device already.

Watch popular shows: Do you want any of the most popular game shows today? Vidmate will be the answer, where you can watch popular shows for free, without fear of copyright infringement.

Watching TV online: The connection feature in Vidmate is very powerful, you can watch the current programs right on your phone. Simply click to see it.

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VidMate makes all of the online media available only within our reach because it supports more than 1000 sites like Facebook, YouTube, and even Tumblr. The good thing about this application is that the source you are getting your videos or music from is not even an online site like Vimeo. As mentioned above, even a blog site like Tumblr is powered by VidMate. The download process also doesn’t involve any complications and it’s as easy as a few clicks.

Another thing that makes VidMate an ideal media downloader is that it allows users to convert downloaded videos into MP3 or MP4.

You can also use VidMate both on Android phones and on your computers. Having VidMate on your mobile helps you access anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, downloading using your computer gives you optimal viewing capabilities and a larger memory can accommodate more downloads. If you want to use it on your computer, VidMate works best when downloaded using Bluestacks. It is a famous and reliable emulator that allows you to run and use VidMate without any problems.

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