VideoShow is one of the most popular video editing applications today. In this application, there will be many useful tools that can help us easily edit our videos to become more impressive.

This app provides first rate editing features, allowing you to create movies, edit photos, create slideshows and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for people of all skill sets and abilities.

Feature of VideoShow:

- Add lots of documents, allowing you to quickly create great videos.

- Add many types of music.

- Optimized user interfaces for more convenient video editing.

- The music fades to the end of the movie.

- Set Music / Video volume individually with each music file.

- Upgrade experience for setting photo duration.

How to use of VideoShow:

- Once successfully installed and open the application, first click on the Allow, to agree to grant access to photos, media, and files on the device.

- In the main interface of the application, click on Edit.

- Select the video you want to edit, then touch the Next button.

- First, we will click on the Topic, to select the theme for our movie.

- If you want to insert music into the video, click on Music, then click on Music. Next, select your favorite song and want to merge into this video.

- Next, click on Edit, to be able to use video editing tools such as Subtitles, Transitions, Filters, Effects...

- Click on Settings, to be able to adjust some features such as Screen ratio, Background color, Volume of music in the video...

- After you have set up all the tools to edit the video, click the Export button in the upper right corner of the screen.

- Touch the Save button to the library.

- Select a mode for videos.

- Wait for a while, so that this app can output videos.

- Finally, my edited video has been saved to my phone.