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UC Browser APK

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UC Browser is a mobile browser application created by Ucweb. Using mobile devices to keep up with news, videos and entertainment is the daily activity of most people, especially young people. However, monitoring news channels, updating videos, or emerging games will take a long time. So, based on the usage habits of millions of users, developers of UC Browser have created an intelligent news update system that significantly saves users time.

UC Browser 1

The difference of UC browser is that it can connect to the web faster when your phone has a bad connection like using 3g.

So UC browser is a very good mobile web browser, capable of speeding into a web page than other browsers, an application worth downloading to your computer.

The convenience of UC browser when using:

- Manage downloaded files by categories easily searched.

- There is a security mode when you activate security mode.

- Support taking screenshots when using UC browser to surf the web.

-When you download the file in this app, you can still exit.

- Links to major news sites

- Search suggestions when entering keywords

- Ability to surf the web even when the network speed is low.

UC Browser 2


- Fast loading speed: One of the features of UC Browser that attracts users is that the download process is always guaranteed at a fast speed. Even if the download file is interrupted, just click the download again, the speed will always make users happy. The file manager is quite smart and scientific, so you can search for files easily.

- Fast Internet access speed: When you enter the link, UC Browser immediately loads the images and data in the destination page, making browsing faster.

- Cloud sync: This feature allows you to seamlessly access the page between devices and switch by syncing through the cloud.

- Simple interface, easy to use: UC Browser provides you an interface to change as you like. Most of the interface is quite nice, subtle and elegant colors combined with a reasonable layout of feature buttons, tools to create a sense of comfort for those who use it. For those who are new to UC Browser, the browser is very friendly when displaying the function keys right on the screen.

- Free Wi-Fi transmitter: This new feature of UC Browser makes the browser gain a lot of market advantages compared to other competitors. You can completely turn your laptop into a free Wi-Fi transmitter, and can connect to mobile devices to surf the web, saving quite a lot of 3G capacity in the phone.

How to use

Step 1: Go to Settings (No. 1) and then click the Language submenu.

Step 2: Select from the list of languages.

Step 3: Click Restart to restart UC Browser