Uber app is an application installed on mobile devices. 2 necessary and sufficient conditions are that your smartphone must have a network connection (here is 3G / 4G) and built-in GPS - global positioning system. When you install Uber for free on your smartphone, you just need to turn on location and network services, Uber will locate your current location. After choosing a destination, Uber will recommend taxi services, motorbike taxi services for you, depending on your needs. Very quickly, you will be picked up by Uber drivers and follow the prescribed route. Uber currently has two main methods of payment: cash and card payment.

Uber is an online car reservation application that helps connect passengers with drivers with one touch. Uber will help you find nearby cars and get ready to take your pick-up and drop-off on your chosen route. Compared to traditional transportation methods, Uber's strength is safety, reliability, convenience and comfort on the journey from the pick-up point to the destination.


Features of Uber

Use Uber for Android to request a private driver to pick you up within minutes of your request. Users will not need to wait long to be served.

Compared to other services, Uber is quite affordable. In particular, users can pay via Google Wallet, PayPal or credit card, entirely in the form of electronic transactions. You will not be afraid of not being able to ride a taxi without any money on you.

Announces the requester's location via GPS and displays it on a map so the driver can know exactly where to pick them up. Conversely, users can also track where their own driver is at.

After getting in the car, you just need to relax comfortably. Uber for Android will email the service invoice after you've arrived at the requested location.