Download Turbo VPN 3.5.0 APK
Download Turbo VPN 3.5.1 APK

Turbo VPN is one of the best free unlimited virtual private network (VPN) applications. Use Turbo VPN to access blocked websites, secure public Wi-Fi access, and privacy protection.
Because this is a mobile application, so you do not need to install it on your computer, just launch the enforcement bar to use the full features of Turbo VPN. Moreover, Turbo VPN does not create additional files on the computer nor modify the Windows Registry entries on the machine.

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You want to access websites that are blocked in your country, watch blocked videos, and keep your personal information safe while surfing the internet? That’s when you need the virtual private network application.

There are quite a few well-rated virtual private networks, such as Hotspot Shield VPN, Private Tunnel VPN, VPN Private Internet Access … Turbo VPN also another virtual private network software is equally good.

This app is completely free, has fast connection speed, easy to use, and simple design. It gives you access to blocked websites and protects you online.

Turbo VPN has a simple, user-friendly interface, including simple functions, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out these functions.


Turbo VPN is 100% free.

Fastest: Completely successful connection with high-speed VPN.

Easiest: Just one touch to connect to the VPN proxy server.

The most stable: There are many free cloud proxy servers, offering the best VPN service.

Browse the web anonymously: If you are using public WiFi, browsing the web on non-https websites, the security of data exchanged in the network will be exposed. If you want to hide your browsing activity so that your data is more secure, you should connect to a VPN. All information transmitted via the network.

Access to restricted geographic websites, bypass internet censorship, bypass firewalls.

Unblock websites. It can also unblock videos not provided in your country.

Protect yourself when accessing the network at public wifi hotspots.

Works with Wifi, LTE, 3G networks and mobile data.

Data encryption using OpenVPN protocols (UDP/TCP).

Turbo VPN has two modes, simple mode and advanced mode; You can easily switch between these two modes by checking the dedicated checkbox. The simple module provides you with two interactive functions, which are the Server and Client components, while the advanced mode provides many different controls.

After deciding on the right module, you can start configuring and creating the network by adjusting the necessary parameters.

You can access the server and client components on demand, just by clicking on the dedicated button. This gives you useful information, such as client name, host, port, network interface IP address.

Overall, Turbo VPN is a reliable, mobile application that allows you to create a virtual private network using NAT technology to communicate with others in a private environment that supports P2P communication.

Turbo VPN consists of two components, a server and a client and two modules (simple and advanced), allowing users to switch according to their needs. The interface is user-friendly and has many functions to help you use the application easily.

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