Tinder APK

Tinder APK

Tinder APK

Download Tinder 12.0.1 APK

Tinder is known as the most popular online dating app today for the purpose of making friends and dating. This is an app developed and developed by the technology company Match Group. This App allows users to register an account via the phone number, Facebook account, or email.

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Tinder allows users to update their credentials to create accounts and connect with friends around the world. Through conversations, pictures, or like buttons you can find the other half of your life. You can also see your friends through this friend app


Tinder offers users a lot of useful features, including some outstanding features such as:

Swipe: This is the main feature of Tinder for Android, where users can swipe through their friends to find themselves a person that fits the criteria they like. Users can swipe right to like the opponent’s profile or swipe left to continue searching for others.

Facebook and Instagram Integration: Creating a profile is easy by using the Facebook login provided. When opening the application, there is an option to log in and create a profile using the Facebook profile. This way, a user does not need to create a new profile. The application can also be integrated into the Instagram profile that lets people see the user’s Instagram feed.

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Common Connections: Active connections will help you find potential as well as help when they make friends with your friends. By connecting the application to the user’s social media, it will show which ones are made friends by the user’s friend. People find it easier to go on a date with someone his or her friends know. It is also to prevent dangerous and dangerous people. This feature is available on Android by clicking on the icon with many people’s icons.

Tinder Plus: Tinder Plus is the premium version, for young people. By using Tinder Plus, users can use the Rewind feature, a feature that allows users to bring a second opportunity to potential partners, Boost to promote user-profiles, and the Passport feature. to allow users to browse potentials from a variety of countries. The registration will be billed for your shipping bill or credit card bill using the application in the purchase feature.

How to use

Step 1: Download the Tinder app

Step 2: Open the Tinder app with the white flame icon.

Step 3: Touch the blue log in with Facebook button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Select “OK” when asked to allow Tinder to access your Facebook information.

Step 5: Select Allow when asked to enable location service for Tinder.

Step 6: Decide if you want to receive notifications. You can choose I want to be notified or not. After this step, your Tinder profile will be created from your Facebook account information.