Termux provides a Linux command entry environment on the Android platform, which is highly appreciated by users, is an open source application that can work directly without having to root or install. Another advantage of Termux is that it has a separate Wiki page that introduces in detail, a lot of Plugins, a large user community, and deep interaction with Android both hardware and software.

Termux emulates a command-line tool on Android to help you enter Linux commands easily, fully integrates Linux commands, allows the installation of command-line hacking tools on the phone. Termux supports bash and zsh shells, editing files with nano and vim languages, accessing Server with ssh, programming C language with clang, make and gdb, Python, git and subversion support, Game-based support frotz.
Termux comes with a number of tools that can help you hack like hydra or nmap, installed compilers (Clang, Rust, Go, etc.) and interpreters (Bash, Perl, Python, etc.), tools reverse engineering. Termux can also run metasploit-framework which allows you some hacking tools from Kali Linux.

Main features of Termux

- Emulate command line tools on Android.
- Fully integrated with Linux commands.
- Many tools to support hacking.
- Compilers, reverse engineering.
- Many programming languages."