Tango apk

Tango is an app that helps you talk face to face with friends, family or colleagues, even with new friends from around the world to show your talents, play live games. , share recipes, introduce new music or show off your singing skills, and exchange fans' gifts with real money.

Features of Tango

Tango app lets you talk directly to your friends, text, call, call video, share videos, audio files along with other features. You can meet people from all over the world and participate in live games, share recipes, introduce new music or show off your singing skills. Follow your favorite broadcasters and chat live, and give gifts to show your support and become a VIP to get special status. Join private or group calls with your friends, you can add people to the group or delete people from the group or end the conversation at any time. The calls are of high-quality audio and video to avoid clipping when watching.

Cute kittens, beautiful dogs, hearts, cars, pearls, emoticons and more can be added to the conversation. At your profile page, you can update your personal information, share your special stories and promote events, video images you created for everyone to see. You can also comment on people's posts and vice versa. You can edit your image before sharing, join different field groups to learn about the areas you care about, comment and talk to people about those issues. All messages and calls are free and integrated with many different languages, through which friends from around the world can easily contact via this application with very simple operation. Because it is a free app, some ads will appear, and you only need to wait a few seconds to run them and then turn off and then continue to use.

Compatible with most iOS, Android and Windows devices so you can chat with friends anytime, anywhere. The application can synchronize on all devices so you can chat with friends anytime, anywhere via WiFi anywhere in the world. This application is safe for your personal information, all confidential if you do not allow it will not be disclosed to others. Due to the features that it offers to its users, the application has now grown worldwide and has a large number of users. From the above information, you know what is tango app, you can download and use this application at any time. The vendor always tries to update and supplement the application's deficiencies so that it better fits the needs of the user, so if you have any questions, you can contact the manufacturer immediately.