The StreamKar app with Live Streaming capability for video calls with strangers, provides a convenient video chat platform to make friends with many friends from around the world. StreamKar also gives you the opportunity to earn expensive gifts, sponsoring your online dreams.

The Livestream StreamKar app creates a secure social chat environment where users, including men and women, can feel safe and free from harassment or abuse. The main feature of this Livestream application is Live Streaming for video calls with strangers to make friends, and watch live video from many countries around the world. That's where you show your talent for singing, dancing, eating, chatting, traveling and playing games with your friends, and you can make a profit and attract followers.
StreamKar uses a 24-hour monitoring and content filtering service to enforce safety rules for users. It is an opportunity for all streamers to show their talents, turn their dreams into reality by sharing Live Videos on social media. Video calls are free of charge, one-on-one chats or 6-person chat groups. The application also has many beautiful filters and stickers for you to add value to yourself, receive great gifts.

Features of StreamKar

- Video chat and Live Streaming calls
- Express yourself through the clips
- Share videos directly on social networks
- Beauty filters and stickers
- Safe and clean environment