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Spotify is an online music streaming platform similar to Apple Music or Zing MP3 and NhacCuaTui … However, the special feature of Spotify is its ability to support multi-platform music so you can listen to music online. Users can search for any artist in the world or favorite music. According to 2017 statistics, Spotify is the music streaming service with the most users worldwide. Meanwhile, at No. 2, Apple Music has 27 million paid users.

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With the Premium account on Spotify, users will have the ability to download and listen to high-quality music, skip any songs they don’t like, and obviously including the complete removal of ads in the application. If you want you can also try the 30-day Premium for free and decide whether to buy it or not.


- Heaven “of copyrighted music With a total of more than 40 million songs, it is one of the largest public music stores and archives in the world. A special feature is that they are all copyrighted songs as sure as a nail, do not worry about “pirated goods” circulating illegally.

- Playlist play smart music according to user taste Your Daily Mixes – interesting utility includes 6 playlists (playlists) created automatically by Spotify based on the user’s music history. These playlists are classified according to each music stream, each “mood”. You will feel like this app reads your thoughts and personal interests. Nearly every song in the playlist is great and relevant, including songs you’ve never heard of before.

- Automatically update new songs thanks to the Follow feature With Spotify, if you follow a singer, artist, or playlist when a new song comes out it will automatically save to your own playlist. The most interesting feature is that Spotify will update new songs on your Follow list so you can easily discover new tunes.

- Not just a music store In addition to the huge music repertoire, recordings, media, or online radio issues are also available. If you want to switch to listening to entertainment and social news with Podcast or wind up with a radio-related list specifically about a certain artist. Spotify is ready to meet your needs.

How to use

Visit the Spotify website and register for an account. I recommend you register with Facebook if you have an account because it will help you find and follow your friends more easily, know what your friends are listening to, and share the song with them.

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Select the registration type. I recommend using Spotify Premium because it allows you to access more features, be more flexible, and will connect with more devices.

Download and install the Spotify app for free. Available for desktop, iPhone / iPad, and Android phone versions.

Log in to your account on the device and enjoy the music.

The basic setup is quite simple but doesn’t worry, Spotify will delve into you through what you hear and it will get smarter if you listen to more music.