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SNOW is a Selfie application that is being used by young people today because the youthful, new features of the application have made the island community in recent days. With hundreds of different stick, users can freely choose for themselves the funny, bad, funny, beautiful, makeup … labels are all displayed by the focus on your face. More than that, Download Snowmachine you already own yourself a very unique and diverse photography tool. Along with modern functions to help your photos become sharper, colorful, get light automatically, and more beautiful than ever.



- SNOW allows users to take photos or videos (with a maximum duration of 10 seconds) and choose from 1,300 stickers and 50 filters. Users can also send 48-hour to self-destruct messages. The videos can be saved as files.

- Snow for Android has a very smart face recognition feature. In every corner of the image whether far or near Snow also catch very accurately. With this outstanding feature, the application has attracted a lot of users to participate. And most users like it when it comes to experience.

- Snow for Android has a sharp portrait mode today, in other photography applications, portrait photography often blurred in the image. But not for Snow. Accurate focus features automatic font removal, correct light correction. All make your portrait photos stand out more.


How to use

Step 1: You perform how to download and install the Snow app for Android, iPhone.

Step 2: Next, we will launch this photography application after it has been successfully downloaded and installed. At the first access, we will turn to select the item Agree and start shooting as shown below and confirm Allow all. You will turn to select Allow with the request to allow the application to access the device, the system will immediately switch us to the photography interface on Snow.

Step 3: To use Snow when taking a selfie, we will first select the Sticker icon. This is a feature that allows users to transform faces according to special effects. You can click on any Sticker icon and let the Camera recognize the user’s face as shown below.

Step 4: Next, we will make a selection of the “makeup” section of Snow’s favorite, just click on the Beauty section. Here the system will display a list of automatic makeup filters introduced by this application.

Step 5: Once you have selected the filters, you will then select the Capture icon as well as the Save button as shown below to complete the use of Snow when taking this selfie.

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