Skype apk

Download Skype - Free IM & Video Calls. makes it possible for people to instantly connect to each other anytime, anywhere whether it is phone, TV, pc or mac. Skype - Talk. Chat Collaborate. is an application that provides video chat and voice calls services for free. Users can talk, chat, work, and even exchange digital documents such as photos, text, videos and any other documents via text and video messages.

Skype Download - Free IM & Video Calls. Fits most devices, webcams and network speeds without requiring anything more than the minimum configuration.

Main features of Skype - Free IM & Video Calls

- Live video call: not only hear the voice but also see the other party with smiling, crying expressions ... Group calls can be up to 25 people in great HD quality
- Chat: send an instant message to 1 or more people at the same time, attract someone's attention with the @ mentioned. Creating a chat group is the best way to communicate a problem, idea, plan with many people at once
- Connect SMS: read and reply to your phone SMS in Skype on PC or Mac
- Share: send photos and videos with your family and friends, colleagues. Save shared photos and videos to your camera roll. Share your screen to plan travel with friends or present designs to your team.
- Voice call: if you are not confident in front of the camera, use this feature to make a voice call to anyone in the world on Skype. You can also call mobile phones and landlines at low rates.
- Express yourself: animate animated conversations with emoticons, click on the ++ game in chat to send Giphy or images from the web and annotate images with words, lines, and more.

It is highly appreciated for its features: safe file transfer function, prevention of virus attacks, making calls in an environment using secure encryption techniques ...
With end-to-end encryption security, Skype - Free IM & Video Calls. make sure no one, not even the data server, can decode your chat data. End-to-end encryption applies to voice calls, messages, and multimedia messages like videos or audio files. To enable this feature, the user enters the ‘New Private Conversation’ option from the application's “compose” menu.
Beyond the functionality of a simple chat software, Skype - Free IM & Video Calls. Nowadays, it has become a powerful tool to support personal and business tasks with chat, messaging, voice call, video call, screen sharing, online meeting, sharing, etc. Share data online quickly and securely.
Compared to similar applications, Skype apk - Free IM & Video Calls. It is quite user-friendly and is popular with users thanks to continuous innovation and improvements in personal chat support features or for business tasks, in accordance with market trends and needs. Skype - Free IM & Video Calls continue to try and maintain its position and bring the best service to users.