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Simulacra – Found phone horror mystery is a real horror game that takes place completely on the screen of a mobile phone. A voyeuristic experience combining point and click adventure games, finding movie trailers and phone apps fully implemented. This is also a spiritual sequel to Sara Is Missing.

Simulacra 1

You find a phone belonging to a missing person named Anna. In it, you see a desperate cry for help in the form of video messages. Something strange is happening. Her friends don’t know where she is. Her text, email, and photo gallery provide fragments of information for her fate. It’s up to you to put it together. Is she just a victim of some crime or is there something supernatural going on? Recover lost files, recover corrupted data and access to the final step to find her before it’s too late.


– Discover a completely realized world through a mobile phone.

– Solve mysteries using popular phone apps.

– An extended story with hours of gameplay resulting in 5 possible endings.

– It was filmed with live actors and a large VO cast.

– Solve picture and text decoding puzzles to find out more about the Anna story.

Although the premise that SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery gives gamers seem quite simple, but the true routes that you will have to go to the end do not have and there are many variations in the type of missions. You will have to make it. From contacting various friends, including ex-boyfriend Greg, to finding clues from the Twitter clone together. Solve periodic text and picture puzzles to learn more about Anna’s life and what might happen to her.

Simulacra 2

What makes Simulacra – Found phone horror mystery so much more appealing than games of the same genre is not only the seamless integration of the actualized applications to completely function as if they were real, but there are also live-action sequences that show a more realistic and engaging look of Simulacra’s life. Anna was played by an actor and the result was a convincing performance throughout the game, giving you an impression of the horror genre footage that was popularized again by The Blair Witch Project and then expanded.

Simulacra 3

Simulacra – Found phone horror mystery puts players in difficult situations when they will have to take the consequences for their actions. If you decide to mess around by making a few jokes on any app you find on Anna’s phone, you can change the outcome of the game and, perhaps more frighteningly, the fate of Anna. Simulacra bring ethical questions and forces you to make choices in your mission to reveal the truth. If ready, download Simulacra – Found phone horror mystery to your device and prepare yourself for hours of intense horror mysteries.

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