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Xender APK

Xender APK

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Nowadays, people often store a lot of information on phones that they always want to share on their personal computers or with other phones. In the past, it would have required USB or cables to connect devices to do so. But with Xender, users don’t need to worry about entangled cables or slow-connected Bluetooth, nor do you need to install software or other tools to share applications.

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Xender is a Share Music & Transfer Files application for Windows that helps transfer files quickly between many devices on other platforms but does not need a device with WiFi, 3G/4G connection, or even Bluetooth connectivity. With Xender, you can send everything you want to your friends in just a few quick actions. This is the difference between Xender compared to many applications or file sharing sites today. The Xender application supports file sharing between devices that are not on the same platform, including computers, via WiFi networks created by Xender or via access URLs. Users can share or download one or more files at the same time with fast speed.

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Xender is an application that allows you to send common files, text, photos, videos, and even applications with just a few taps. In addition to transferring and sharing files between Windows Phone devices, Xender also allows sharing between other platform devices such as Android, iOS, and PCs running Windows or Mac platforms. The number of files and file formats that Xender supports to share are unlimited, may not need to install the application and still receive the file. Xender user interface is very simple.

It runs smoothly and only takes a few seconds to connect devices and share files and data between them. Xender contains everything users need to connect with friends.


Share files ranging from text to photos, videos, and applications.

Fast transfer speeds.

No need to use USB, Internet, or data storage.

Support group sharing with up to 4 devices.

Supports file sharing between devices on different platforms, from Windows Phone to iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Nice interface.

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Connect your phone to any Android phone, iOS or computer, tablet with any Windows operating system, Mac.

There is no need to install any software on personal computers or tablets running Windows or Mac.

Support off-line sharing mode with high-speed transmission without the Internet.


When sharing files on your computer with Xender, you will easily share large files, its transfer speed is very fast. Not only is Xender very fast, but it is also designed specifically which makes it different from Xender running on other devices. Millions of people are using Xender on computers and they are all very satisfied. You can check this out when you visit Xender’s site and see user reviews and positive feedback.

Xender has completely changed the way we share data between devices. Xender on your computer is an extremely fast data-sharing tool that allows users to share files unlimitedly for those who use the application.

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