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Real Drum APK

Real Drum APK

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Real Drum is a powerful, reliable, and very effective drum learning app if you want to become a professional drummer. Real Drum works on mobile devices and is free to experience.

Learning to play the drum on your phone is a very effective solution if you want to take advantage of your mobile phone to practice drumming skills anywhere, anytime. However, it is not easy to find an effective and simple mobile utility today because of the great demand of users while many applications only partially support or do not meet the requirements. This request. This is also the problem that many young people who want to learn to play electronic drums are currently having.

Real Drum 1

Understanding your needs and difficulties, today we will provide a download link for a very realistic drum simulation application, useful for those who are looking for a learning and entertainment utility. play, that’s the Real Drum. In fact, the drum application for this phone has been used by a large number of users in the world with over 10 million downloads and nearly 360,000 absolute reviews. In addition, Real Drum is currently at the top of the list of the best drum kit emulation utilities on the Google app store.


- Support multi-touch.

- 13 authentic Drum Pad.

- 23 different drum sounds.

- Sound quality is on par with Studio.

- 60 tunes with full play instructions.

- 24 songs to play and skill tests.

- Support recording feature.

- Acoustic drum set.

- Export recording file with MP3 format.

- Compatible with many devices (regardless of resolution).

- All free.

How to use

To use Real Drum, users simply touch the buttons on the screen and the sound will emit simultaneously. Although the use is “easy to see”, the melody and the accompanying effects are very realistic. Therefore, whether for beginner or professional, Real Drum is really the ideal choice.

Real Drum 2

Touch the drum with your hand to play a piece of music you like. If you want to listen to sample music before playing, click the triangle icon in the left corner of the interface and choose one of the ten sample tracks, following the drumming method to follow. If you already know how to drum and want to record your music, click the red circle icon in the left corner of the interface and then play the drum as usual. When finished playing, click the square icon to stop recording.

Later, when you want to listen to the recorded music, click the triangle icon and select the recording corresponding to the recording time. If you want to change the name of the recording to make it easier to remember, click Edit in the Records dialog-> select the icon and enter a new name in the Enter a new name box> click ok.