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Plus Messenger APK

Plus Messenger APK

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Plus Messenger is one of my favorite instant messaging apps. This application connects users to the nearest server distributed across countries. You can text and call for free.


The application allows you to talk directly with friends, messenger plus, make calls, call video, share videos, audio files … quickly and easily.

The app provides fast and confidential chats, secret messages from chats can be programmed to self-destruct on both devices. So you have complete peace of mind that your conversation with others can’t be read if you don’t want to let them know.

Plus Messenger 1

You can change the color and size of text, icons, avatars, titles … Create your own custom theme, save and share with your friends.

If you don’t want many people to know your phone number and bother, you can hide it from the options and settings menu.

The interface has been redesigned with a friendly color and style, which you can easily use. You can customize the color of the conversation to make it more vivid.

The application uses as few bytes as possible so you will not worry about the memory in your device.

The application has a lot of customization for you to change as you like. You can send messages with vivid emoticons, optionally save the file with the original file, and customize when sharing videos. Options to display individual images or user photos in the chat bubble, change the background image right when chatting, mute when chatting. Easily change your avatar when clicking on photos in the main screen.

Plus Messenger 2

Create chat groups and the group administrator is displayed in the group profile, you can optionally add members or remove members from the group or leave the group at any time.

The app supports multiple languages ​​so people everywhere can easily chat, make friends and interact with people in different countries in the most common language and exchange culture between countries together…

The app is completely free, even though you chat with international friends but you do not have to pay any fee for all the actions.

The app is compatible with most Android and IOS devices and easily syncs between devices, which is very convenient for users.

All your personal information is confidential if you do not allow it will not be disclosed to others.

Currently, this application has grown worldwide and has a very large number of users.

The vendor always tries to update and supplement application deficiencies to better suit the needs of users.